Eggshell Cyclorama

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Eggshell cyclorama for Still-Life entirely made of resin with fully curved rear wall.
Due to its dimensions it can truly be considered a compact portable cyclorama, which allows the shooting of medium-large objects.
The completely curved wall surrounds the objects to be photographed for a greater perception of an infinite space.
Available in two sizes.

Purchase Options
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Curve radius 40 cm.
Rear wall overall height 80 cm.
Base Width 100 cm.
Maximum depth 140 or 100 cm.


Body made with multi-layer resin-coated quadriaxial fabrics.
Aluminum side profiles.
Bottom base support in plywood-type wood.
Curved wall back support made of wood.


Finished with white or green screen acrylic paint and coated with clear matt resin as shown in the image gallery above.

Purpose of use
Brand Factory Live Streaming Photographers Set and Film Productions Shooting and Photo Sets Advertising and Marketing Events Sets, TV Studios and Productions Video Clips and Video Making

The rear support of the curved wall ensures perfect stability of the cyclorama.
Optional: packaging box that can also be used as a base for shooting, on wheels, with customizable colors and finishes.
On request: rear wall can be made with a curve radius of 50 cm for a total height of 100 cm.

Delivery Time
Made to order with lead times ranging from 15 to 20 days.
On quotation