Cyclorama Still Life

Cyclorama Steel life
Cyclorama Steel life
Cyclorama Steel life
Cyclorama Steel life

Four-wall portable cyclorama for Still-Life professionals.
With opening on one side to place the camera lens.
Unlike classic light boxes, the object to be photographed can be illuminated from above for uniform lighting.
Lightweight and compact structure.

Purchase Options

External dimensions cm 100 x 90 x 40 h.
Curve radius 10 cm.
Side slot milled for camera lens 16 cm.
Structure thickness 5 cm


Polystyrene for sculpture density 25 Kg/m3 with polyurea coating.


Smoothing of surfaces with two-component fibre-reinforced filler.
Airbrush painting with white optical water-based paint on the inside.
Black painted on the outside.

Purpose of use
Brand Factory Photographers Enterprises and Companies Product Launch & Showcase Shooting and Photo Sets School Shows and Workshops

The dimensions shown on this page are indicative, the box can be custom made upon request.
Main feature of this small-sized Cyclorama is the possibility of creating a spaceless effect thanks to the curved corners on all sides.

Delivery Time
Minimum 25 working days depending on quantities upon order confirmation.
On quotation