Cyclorama Extra

Limbo extra size
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limbi extra large

Cyclorama for large-sized studios. "L" or "U" shape structure design.

Purchase Options
Cyclorama Infinity Walls

Radius 100 cm, height from 400 to 600 cm.


Floor platform in honeycomb-core OSB type wood with a double-layer covering for a thickness ranging from 2.5 to 3 cm.
Shatterproof solid curved corners.
Poplar plywood paneling with horizontal milling for accurate matching.
XYZ corners in high density polystyrene 30 Kg/m2, with polyurea coating.


- Total white acrylic.
- Acrylic green screen.
- Opaque/Matt resin to be used as a finish after painting, mono or bi-component water-based coating on the surface of the cyclorama to make it completely washable or only on the platform to make it also a usable floor surface.
- All couplings are processed in two separate stages with elastomeric compounds which are resistant to breakage and support structural expansion.

Purpose of use
Brand Factory Live Streaming Photographers Enterprises and Companies Locations Product Launch & Showcase Shooting and Photo Sets Advertising and Marketing Events Sets, TV Studios and Productions Video Clips and Video Making Video Conferences and Virtual Events

Our two-component system ensures extraordinary solidity and flexibility to the entire structure, the curved parts made with CNC machines ensure precision and smoothness. Cyclorama is free standing and generally detached from the surrounding walls, all its components are bound forming a single and compact framework. Furthermore, our experience in designing studios allows us to develop unique customized projects. Thanks to their modularity, our cyclorama studio can eventually be disassembled in case of a change of location, or further customized with additional parts.

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