Cyclorama Type One

limbi ciclorama sale posa
limbi ciclorama sale posa
Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One
 Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One
Cyclorama Type One

Free Standing Cyclorama for medium-sized professional studios or locations. Built with the bi-component system to ensure solidity and impact resistance to curved parts. Custom projects to meet the needs of photographers and video makers. Available in flat wall, L-shaped, and U-shaped configurations.

Purchase Options
Accuracy and Solidity

Curve radius 60-80 cm depending on size.
Maximum height 360-380 cm.


Shatterproof solid curved corners.
Vertical paneling with poplar plywood frame and milled grooves on sides.
XYZ corners in high density polystyrene 30 Kg/m2, hard-coated with polyurea.
10 cm high wooden platform, with a double layer of criss-crossed wood for a total thickness of the walking surface of 3 cm.
Anti-vibration underlay to be placed under the platform, sound-absorbing, water-stop.


- Acrylic Total White.
- Acrylic Green Screen.
- Opaque/Matte resin to be used as a finish after painting, mono or bi-component water-based coating on the whole surface of the cyclorama to make it completely washable or only on the platform to make it also a usable floor surface.

Purpose of use
Event Setups Brand Factory Comunicazione and Info point Live Streaming Corporate Events, Conventions and Meetings Photographers Enterprises and Companies Locations Product Launch & Showcase Shooting and Photo Sets Advertising and Marketing Events Sets, TV Studios and Productions Video Clips and Video Making Video Conferences and Virtual Events Holiday Villages and Resorts

Total White setting, seamless background and smooth walls, combined with creativity in playing with light, create an infinite space effect with no perception of deepness. Our bi-component system ensures extraordinary strength and flexibility to the entire structure.
Generally, the cyclorama is self-standing and detached from the surrounding walls, all its components are bound forming a single and compact structure.

Like all large modular structures, cyclorama may require some adjustment time.
The cyclorama can be pre-assembled and shipped with assembly instructions (not recommended for large-sized cyclorama studios).
Thanks to their modularity, our cyclorama studio can eventually be disassembled in case of a change of location, or further customized with additional parts.
The type of platform introduced in this cyclorama (h9/12 cm) is recommended if the location has a non-coplanar flooring.

Delivery Time
Delivery time based on orders
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