This section is the continuation of the success of "Vetrina delle occasioni", the web portal born more than 10 years ago to recycle scenography and scenic materials. Recycle and save with us!
Scenic elements: painted backdrops, mockups, scenic panels, complete scenery, platforms, stairs, wings, polystyrene sculptures, thrones, desks, curtains with rails, Roman vases, stages.
Miscellaneous: furnishings, frames, painted tyres, decorations, sofas, logos, benches, polystyrene panels, street lamps, cinema armchairs and chairs, suitcases and theater trunks, stage sand, mannequins.
Backdrops and PVC: backdrops and masking wings, dance floors, PVC flooring, string curtains, optical PVC, non-woven fabric, carpet, wire mesh, synthetic grass.